Contact Us

Please feel free to contact your local Township Assessor by phone during their normal business hours of operation. Most of the local Township Assessors are part-time positions and have limited office hours. You can also e-mail them at the links below with any questions or concerns.

FULTON Kathy Hogue  
  Monday 9:00-12:00  
CLYDE Kathy Hogue  
USTICK Kathy Hogue             
GENESEE Shirley Conklen PO Box 129
HOPKINS (815)441-1300            Galt, IL 61037
JORDAN Tues & Thurs 9:00-12:00
ALBANY Steve Whitmore
GARDEN PLAIN (309)887-4996
  By appointment  
MT. PLEASANT Kathy Hogue  
UNION GROVE (815)499-7062  
  Wed 10:00-2:00  
STERLING Marcy Lawrence 108 4th Ave. Suite #1             
  (815)625-7410            Sterling, IL 61081
  Weekday 8:30-3:00
COLOMA Dave Hand 1200 Prophet Rd
  (815)625-5953            Rock Falls, IL  61071
  Weekday 9:00-3:00 Closed Fridays  
FENTON Melody VonHolten  
NEWTON (815)441-5278  
LYNDON Kathy Hogue  
PROPHETSTOWN (815)499-7062             
HAHNAMAN            Kathy Hogue 29277 E Thome Rd
HUME (815)499-7062 Rock Falls, IL 61071
MONTMORENCY Friday 10:00-2:00  
ERIE Kathy Hogue PO Box 247
  (815)499-7062            Erie, IL  61250
TAMPICO Melody VonHolten